What is the future of online roulette

Many players are wondering how always manage to look for the future of online roulette. And many simply find no satisfying answer. Because if you look around so you can currently only “more or less legal” play, but not completely legal. It is so that the providers that are currently on the market are all working abroad and still offer gambling for German. This is not undisputed since under German law is not allowed because of the gambling monopoly, according to European law should be allowed, yet the question remains whether you do not play because of the internet abroad and therefore German law can not grab it. Because the servers of the online casinos are all abroad, where online gambling is completely legal.
But that’s nothing new. However, what is new are the developments in the industry who definitely speak for a better environment at online roulette. So we have the projects of Schleswig-Holstein reported.
This state has decided to go it alone and want online gambling officially allow a purchased license. So far, nearly 30 applications have already been received for a license. How and whether the other states to follow suit is not yet clear.
But the fact is that it is for the country and that’s why so going it alone was possible. And if Schleswig Holstein can pull through this alone, it is actually only a matter of time until all other states follow suit. Otherwise they lose millions in revenue that come to good only Schleswig-Holstein.
What also hope the online player, of course, is the EU. For the condemned several times a gambling monopoly as it prevails in Germany unlawful. It is also obvious, because the European internal market is to ensure a free flow of goods and services. But this is not the case with gambling monopoly, because as French company I can not online casino operated in the German player may play perfectly legal. That should be possible under EU law, however.
In any case, German Roulette players can rest easy: it can really only get better. Because today everyone is inclined looked if he had something on the internet play roulette want. This image will be a lasting change when finally legal online gambling can be offered in Germany and the seller may also make advertising for their online casino. The same has long been observed in Austria where, although there are also a monopoly, but still a decent online casino.

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