The roulette wheel

The roulette wheel fascinates the player for a long time. For all players it is the heart of a roulette game.Without wheel practically nothing works and why it is always at the center. Especially in live casinos, the wheel is critical in online casinos you have only a virtual representation of a wheel. Nevertheless, it is also in online casinos the most important part of the game. Though you play online and you want to make an image yourself, you should play at Europa Casino, one of the best casinos for roulette players.

Let’s take a look at a pattern wheel:

Construction of the wheel

The structure of the wheel can be actually very good shown in the above image. There are 36 red or black numbers and a 0 The colors of the numbers are alternately red and black. Inside the wheel there are small holes that can catch the ball. Each number has its own hole and when the ball lands in it and comes to lie, this figure is considered to be drawn. In the center of the wheel to the axle with four handles is with which the dealer can bring the wheel in motion.

The history of roulette wheel

The French mathematician Blaise Pascal is said to have invented the game, and thus the wheel. He was very active in the field of Stochastics and the invention of roulette was more or less an accident. However, the origin is not entirely uncontroversial, many would shift the birthplace of the roulette wheel to Italy. But at the latest at the time of Napoleon Roulette is returned to France and could be played legally there. That is why the name ” French Roulette “because France applies at least as a country that has made ​​this game.

Since at that time was much easier to cheat at roulette, led some casinos a double zero, ie American Roulette . Thus, the house advantage was significantly increased and it was hardly possible to win as an impostor.

The wheel itself was naturally found previously and used for the purposes of accident investigation. An example of this is the wheel of fortune, which in principle works similarly yes. The combination of wheel and inserts as are customary at roulette, is the decisive factor.

The perfect wheel for live events

When you play live, you have to provide clear requirements of a wheel. It must be absolutely symmetrical, and the results have to be delivered to be completely random. Even the tiniest flaw can make this impossible, that is, that a certain number or group of numbers is preferred although the pulled really should not be.

The gambling industry is working hard wheels to the highest standards to produce and leaves no stone unturned. The problem is that fraudsters are becoming better equipped and able to observe the results of a table for a long time. This allows them to evaluate the data and take advantage of any irregularities. No matter what the gaming industry is trying, there will always be gaps for crafty deceiver and the wheel plays an important role.

American vs. European wheel

On the left we see a European and on the right an American wheel:

As can be seen easily be seen, the only difference in the second zero. The American wheel on the right side still has a second zero. These two zeros are opposite and not, as often suggested, side by side. The roulette table can at least assume that the two zeros next to each other, but this is not the case.

When American wheel has to be noted that the house advantage is much greater because of the second zero. This means that you’re going to cut the bottom line as a player worse. Otherwise, only a difference in the arrangement is not visible. That is, the numbers are arranged differently and differ between American and European wheel

The roulette ball

The ball has played a crucial role in the history of the game and has evolved with time on. Previously, the ball of ivory was made, a very expensive and rare material, but this has serious disadvantages. Therefore, one has to decide the ball from a mixture of nylon, acetol and phenol to produce and that is to the ingredients that are very similar needed for the manufacture of golf balls. Golf balls must have similar properties and therefore has similar manufacturing processes. Modern balls are so symmetrical and technically high-quality workmanship that it is not possible to have irregularities, which can be exploited in any form.

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