Any casino player always dreams of winning, regardless of whether they prefer the simple poker or slot machines. For each gambling are designed dozens of different strategies that earn the player a certain advantage. However, there are some common rules which you should always follow in order to remain always useful, regardless of the game вcasinò that you have chosen.

1.Try to choose the gambling games that offer the maximum payout to the player. In the world of gambling there is no such concept as the casino advantage – it is the profit that each local game gets on every bet made by players. As for some games, the casino advantage is greater at first (and, consequently, the odds against the player to win a major prize are below) – for example, roulette, keno and slot machines. From this point of view, in favor of the player are more advantageous than the dice and blackjack, in which the odds of winning are pretty high.

2. Strategy game at online casinosStudy the rules of betting. Each has its own gambling betting system: in a given game, the player can have all three to four types of bets, in others their number exceeds several tens. It ‘important to understand not just what exactly variants of bets laid in a given game, but also what is the advantage that these episodes involve the player. A baccarat, for example, the bet on the outcome of equal ensures a huge advantage to the casino, while against the player, on the contrary, is extremely disadvantageous. In any gambling there are many such “submerged rocks,” so in order to play at the casino and remain useful it is essential to understand what the stakes are beneficial and which are detrimental.

3. Learn to control your expenses. Once, a few decades ago, the major casinos have made its appearance the first slot machine, the cost of the fans of gambling have increased by hundreds of times, simply because the slots are enormously attractive and money , one episode after another, is spent with ease and without notice. So do not emulated reckless players who risk all their money and learn to control spending in the game – all your betting needs to be well thought out: only in this case you will be able to remain in surplus.

4. Be prepared to lose. While studying in depth all the rules and By following a strategy ideal, you can still lose – in the world of gambling, like anywhere else, the outcome is determined by His Majesty the case (and the presence of this phenomenon which the casino advantage). So after losing once you do not lose self-control – losing bets accepted as a duty to the satisfaction of the risk.


5. Choose carefully the strategy of the game. For each of the hundreds of gambling was conceived a still greater quantity of strategies, most of which is absolutely useless, although players are promised stratospheric profits and the guaranteed win. According to one of the main rules of gambling, game strategy that you have chosen should always be mathematically proven and established, while all other strategies will only get you only losses even more.
6. Do not exceed your limit. The strategy of maintaining its payout, present in any game of chance, requires the player to set their own limit, that is, the amount you can afford to lose in gambling. Stick to your limit and never exceed it for any reason, no matter how great they may seem like your chances of winning.
7. Did not believe the betting systems as they may seem mathematically reliable. In any case, do not spend money to buy a “super profitable betting system that guarantees the win in 99 cases out of 100,” since the number of con artists who sell similar systems that are not worth anything is huge, and all their systems are completely useless. Remember, once and for all who beat the casino due to some system of betting is impossible.

8. Never make bets insurance. Any insurance bet, whether the insurance bet on the winner of the dealer at blackjack or craps betting additional insurance, they are always extremely unfavorable to the player. In respect of those bets, the casino advantage is several times higher than other bets on the same game of chance, so making sure all the time, in the end come out from the very first game after losing your entire budget.

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