Despite the ever increasing popularity of online casinos that now number in the hundreds and not dozens, many fans still prefer gambling and traditional gambling houses do not trust the Internet casino. Perhaps such a distrust may be justified, but only up to a certain degree, actually playing at online casinos is no less secure than a normal casino, as the best online casinos use special algorithms for controlling honesty.


Security of the game at the casinoWhat exactly does the term “online casino check honesty”? The most popular online casinos today use a special technique that allows any player to control personally the gambling house is honest and that the results of games of chance are correct.

In practice this means that after a session of the game the player has the possibility to check the results of the random number generator (which is based on the outcome of gambling in online casinos, whether it’s blackjack, roulette and any other game). At the end of the game session, the online casino player transmits all data in encrypted form generated for each deck of cards, distribution of card blackjack or poker, spin the roulette, and so on. In this way, the player is given the opportunity to verify the correctness of the data and compare them with the results of the games played.

Why verifying the honesty of online casinos is so important? If an online casino using this algorithm, it can not in any way affect the outcome of games (for example if you are playing roulette and you bet on red, the result of the tour will be generated randomly, the casino can not do anything to let out the black). In this way you can be 100% sure that the online casino does not affect in any way on the results and your chance to win.

To encrypt the data, the modern online casinos use the appropriate MD5 algorithm. The principle of operation of the algorithm is the use of a keyword (so-called hash function) that is used to decrypt the data sent to the player. This digital signature is very safe, without knowing it is impossible to decrypt the received data and you can not guess or retrieve the keyword as it is a sequence of 16 bytes to retrieve it and it would take hundreds of years, even on a very powerful computer.

In addition to testing the honesty, encryption with the MD5 algorithm and other forms of “espionage”, there are methods ups much easier to understand in a particular online casino you can easily do high stakes (or, conversely, make sure that it is not definitely a place to play for real money).

First, before depositing money into your account with an online casino, try to gather as much information about the casino. Please carefully read the reviews and comments of the other players, study the rules well (in some online casinos apply various commissions on the transactions made by the player and the ultimate prize at the end would be very low). Try to choose online casinos large and well-known in the market for a long time. You can base your rankings on online casinos, usually contain all the information needed to understand whether it is reliable enough to play for real money.

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