Roulette Strategy for Beginners

Albert Einstein once said: “You can not beat roulette, unless you steal the chips at the table!” And thus shows what he thinks of roulette strategies. He may be right, that you can not win in the long run, but that does not mean that you can not win with the right strategy. A good strategy is even more important to have around at all fun in this game. But not only the strategy here is crucial, but also where to play roulette. That’s why you need a first-class online casino such as Casino Club – surely one of the best roulette casinos out there.

If you search the internet you will find hundreds of strategies and the most promise very much. Promises like “I’ll show you how to make 1000 euros / day with my strategy” are not uncommon. Of course this sounds very tempting. 1000 Euros / day is a lot of money. And many people become weak and be convinced by such a strategy. You pay a lot of money, maybe even more than they can afford and then wonder why this strategy did not work and they are broke. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. That’s why you need early enough to know what is going on and can not fall on strategies in, bring nothing.
The best strategy
First of all, you have to clarify what than ever a good strategy makes before going in search of the best roulette strategy makes. The best strategy is one that gets the most for a player out and lets him win as much as possible and lose as little as possible. In roulette it is so that it is a gamble in which no one can tell where the ball will land next. It is not possible to calculate any probabilities so that for example 60% ​​red and 40% black is. Would that be possible, you could play with a positive expected value and earn long term money. But that would also mean that the ball has a memory and can be influenced by past events. This is obviously not the case. The ball is not interested in whether the last 10 time has come red. The only important thing is that the probability is always 50/50.
The best strategy is therefore one which reduces the house advantage to a minimum and not one that can win in the long term. For, as we have seen, it is not possible for this game for extended periods to win. That’s why you should our tips and tricks to take to heart and you in our roulette strategy section around. There you will learn how you do good bets and will cut long-term at best.
Prohibited strategies?
Frequently the question is asked whether certain strategies are prohibited. It all depends on the rules and in a live casino are naturally much more stringent than in an online casino, because there are few opportunities to develop an unfair advantage over the casino in some form.
In live casinos, of course, everything is forbidden which a fair game makes impossible such as boiler watching – a strategy in which one tries to determine the probability of certain numbers with tools. Simple setting strategies such as the Martingale strategy are not explicitly prohibited – however, there is a table limit, which makes this strategy as good as impossible.
The strategy with the doubling
The Martingale strategy we have just already been addressed. Because that’s precisely this doubling strategy: you bet on a field, and if you win, you keep the profit and if you lose, you double your original bet and makes for so long until you win again and was able to offset its losses.
This strategy has proven successful, but has a serious weakness. Because it gitb on all roulette tables now limits that make it impossible as much as you want to set. Therefore, not as often as you double. And if at some point you can no longer double, it is conceivable to lose its entire use. That is very unlikely, but it happens again and again. Therefore the strategy is to be treated with doubling with caution.

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