Online Roulette soon perfectly legal in Germany

Finally there is a chance that online roulette play soon will be absolutely legal. Because the state government of Schleswig Holstein decided to go it alone and against the current gambling monopoly. This is great news for all casino players who are not yet allowed to play sensibly online.
There was lengthy negotiations over the new State Treaty on Gambling and the remaining 15 states have already been agreed. And on the continued existence of the state monopoly with a few providers may purchase a license. Thus, it is possible online gambling in Germany to offer, but this is connected with insane taxes that can not pay bookmakers or online casino. There are namely 16.6% of sales to be dissipated.
If you look at the roulette probabilities knows, one knows that there is no casino in the world can earn as much at all. However, Schleswig-Holstein seems to be the only state that has also recognized this and has now adopted its own law. Thus, it is possible that providers from the EU can purchase a license (which is not set to a certain number), and then offer completely legal online gambling. Here there is a taxation on profits, which is indeed useful. So if the casino for example, earns 2% of the stake, all costs for employees, licenses, software, etc. 20% taxes must be paid after deductions. Thus, the actual control is certainly in x 0.0% range and that is bearable for each online casino.
That would be a very important step towards legal online gambling in Germany. The State Treaty on gaming of the other states has condemned already inadmissible in the European Court. It is not compatible with European law and is therefore likely to actually come into effect. Unfortunately, the EU is not very reliable in these cases, because if they were, the current gambling monopoly that currently exists in Germany and Austria would have been dumped long ago.

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