A new slot called “Aliens”, inspired by the classic science fiction of the eighties with Sigourney Weaver star, has finally arrived in the casino oinline. The new slot was created by Net Entertainment, whose slots are known for exciting subjects that bottle to the original playing techniques.

It must be admitted, however, that the slot Aliens can not be distinguished by their originality, as it possesses the classic 5 reels with 15 paylines, wild symbols and free spins. The key features of the slots are, however, the 3D graphics of the highest quality and three different bonus levels in which the player must get to the final and win the queen bee.

The three levels of the game are called “Research, Meeting and Beehive.” If the player has survived at all three levels, will have the opportunity to clash with the Queen. If the Queen is defeated and destroyed the hive, the reward will be great, or 240 times the original win.

To learn about all the features of this game compelling enough to access any casino where there are games NetEnt.

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