Nearly 30 applications for a gaming license in Schleswig-Holstein

As we here have mentioned, the state of Schleswig-Holstein willing to regulate the gambling market and distribute licenses to companies from the EU. With this license may be completely legal sports betting, poker and casino games are offered in this state and that would give a huge boost toward legalized online gambling without a doubt. Especially because the other states probably have to go with. At least at some point in the future.
For Schleswig-Holstein calculated by the licenses of 60 million euros in revenue annually. In our opinion, it should be even much more. This will naturally move from their adherence to the existing monopoly departing and introduce a similar model many other states. Especially because the scale adopted by the State Treaty them he was rejected by the ECJ as contrary to EU law.
As this week it was announced 28 companies have applied for a license in Schleswig-Holstein and could already from March 2012 legal casino games and including of course offer roulette.
The dream of many German player moves so fast approaching, but the projects of Schleswig-Holstein, which was adopted by the CDU and the FDP is not always well received.
Of course, the opposition, led also expressed the SPD against the law and has been disparagingly about the application of the 30 licensees. The CDU was pleased, however, and sees it as a clear signal that these providers absolutely want to have a regulated and free market in Germany and no longer want to operate in semi-legal field. They also accept the 20% tax on the gross profit, which is obtained in this License. This is also to get over for each casino and it will be worth it for everyone involved. Because experts have at least no more doubt.

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