A little over ten years ago in Italy existed the strictest laws in Europe against gambling in virtually all types of gambling in Italy, it was the traditional slot machines that the betting in casinos-online, were outlaws, and for fans of the Italian gambling the only option was represented by online-casino foreigners, which effectively operated in an illegal manner.

Legality of the game at online casinosIn Italy, the legalization of gambling-online took off in 2006 under pressure from the outside, after that in 2003 the European Commission against Italy intent proceedings on a large scale. The cause of such proceedings, was represented by the strict Italian laws that prohibited the activities not only of the local casinos, but also the most famous and influential-European online casino. Italian Internet providers blocked access to the websites of the domestic leading European casinos. Towards the end of 2006, in the so-called “black list”, there were more than 600 websites of online resources blocked.

In March of 2010, Italy entered into force a new law that provides significant softening in favor of both the local and foreign casino-online, is still in force. Under the new legislation, the online-casino foreigners have the right to offer the opportunity to live in Italy to bet real money gambling on the Internet, although before doing so must be accompanied by the corresponding Italian license.

Casino for BeginnersTo deal with the licensing of gambling premises is the AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies). The conditions for obtaining a license for gambling activities in Italy are much more stringent than, say, Britain any casino-online who aspire to obtain a license must first have earned no less than a million and a half of euro over the past two years, and secondly to have an office in one of the countries of the European Union, in addition to being required to pay € 350,000 to AAMS.

The AAMS and the Italian legislation regulating even the purely technical details of the work of casino-online, for example, the index payout: in Italy can get a license-only online casino that has a payout ratio of not less than 90% (in other words, the casino pays out to players in the form of winning at least 90% on the total amount of money spent on bets by its clientiот). The only exception is offline tournaments of card games, against which the payout ratio should not be lower than ’80%.

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