One of the important features of online casinos very attractive for fans of gambling and for beginners, it is a chance to play for free. If you are not sure of your abilities and you are not ready to risk real money, you can always work out first with the free versions of the games. Most online casinos offer all players a kind of “test drive”, or the ability to play a game for free before you start playing for real money. These “test” free have become a good tradition in many large casino and online poker room (for example, the famous poker room PokerStars allows beginners to play first against virtual opponents).

Another feature of online casino players are very attractive for numerous bonuses that Internet gambling rooms offer to their customers. There are several types of bonuses, the most frequent is to offer a certain sum in tribute when the player makes their first deposit into their account. In addition, there are various bonuses for games, for example, tens and hundreds of slot machine bonus with a winning percentage higher than the normal cars.

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