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On the eve of the summer the company Playtech delight his fans with the gaming of the highest quality within the slot Sunset Beach.

The Playtech slot Sunset Beach is a classic video slot with 20 paylines, albeit with four different game modes that can be activated simultaneously. The original game process makes Sunset Beach a unique slot in Palytech. Among the many features include the ability to win up to 10 free spins, wild symbols and a variety of special bonuses.

The slot Sunset Beach was created to play with the browser and supports standard protocols. Therefore, anyone who wants groped his luck with the new slot will not have to download any software. The slot is active in several casinos on the Playtech platform.


The company Microgaming, a veteran in the field of software for online casinos, adds in its rich and diverse portfolio of two new gambling slots: Soccer Star and Cool Wolf.

Football Star is a 5-reel slot with no paylines: the combinations are obtained by methods 243. The launch of Star Footbal coincide with the start of the World Cup in June 2014 to be held in Brazil. Football is not the only element to attract the attention of players: free spins, multipliers payouts, bonuses and wild symbols are in fact other factors that make you want to play.

Regarding the slot Cool Wolf, this is inspired by the movie of the eighties Teen Wolf and consists of 5 reels, 243 combinations, free spins and wild symbols.



You can play online casino not only with a PC, it’s okay just about any device, such as a smartphone, a mobile phone or tablet PC. For most of the online casino games the requirements are simple, you just need a browser and an Internet connection. But in some specific cases, to start playing at online casinos, you need to download a program that may require more stringent requirements. For example, to play online poker in the most famous poker room Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars type, you need to install specific programs that have their own system requirements.


Hardware RequirementsNormally, online casinos and poker rooms where you need to download the appropriate software to play, provide a detailed explanation of the minimum system requirements based on the device you use to play, such as a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. The standard requirements for most of the programs are as follows:

Operating system: Windows XP or higher
Pentium 400 MHz or higher
RAM: 128 MB minimum
Free high-speed Internet
These requirements are best to play at online casinos. The minimum requirements can be much lower: it can be a simple enough device with 64 MB of RAM, a 266 MHz processor and an Internet connection rather slow (56.6 KB / s). The average size of online casino games ranging from 30 to 60 Mb, so you will need to have as much free disk space to install programs.


Casino for BeginnersFor laptops with Apple Mac operating system the recommended requirements to play at online casinos are as follows:

Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
RAM: 512 MB minimum
Free high-speed Internet (broadband)


The modern mobile phones are very powerful and allow you to visit any web site including where to play online. Of course, not all mobile phones are suitable for playing at online casinos. The minimum requirements for the mobile phones are the following:

Large color display (minimum resolution 120х120)
Support of Java technology
WAP (mobile browser type or Opera Mobile)
Support of Internet connection (WAP, GPRS or Wi-Fi)


A little over ten years ago in Italy existed the strictest laws in Europe against gambling in virtually all types of gambling in Italy, it was the traditional slot machines that the betting in casinos-online, were outlaws, and for fans of the Italian gambling the only option was represented by online-casino foreigners, which effectively operated in an illegal manner.

Legality of the game at online casinosIn Italy, the legalization of gambling-online took off in 2006 under pressure from the outside, after that in 2003 the European Commission against Italy intent proceedings on a large scale. The cause of such proceedings, was represented by the strict Italian laws that prohibited the activities not only of the local casinos, but also the most famous and influential-European online casino. Italian Internet providers blocked access to the websites of the domestic leading European casinos. Towards the end of 2006, in the so-called “black list”, there were more than 600 websites of online resources blocked.

In March of 2010, Italy entered into force a new law that provides significant softening in favor of both the local and foreign casino-online, is still in force. Under the new legislation, the online-casino foreigners have the right to offer the opportunity to live in Italy to bet real money gambling on the Internet, although before doing so must be accompanied by the corresponding Italian license.

Casino for BeginnersTo deal with the licensing of gambling premises is the AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies). The conditions for obtaining a license for gambling activities in Italy are much more stringent than, say, Britain any casino-online who aspire to obtain a license must first have earned no less than a million and a half of euro over the past two years, and secondly to have an office in one of the countries of the European Union, in addition to being required to pay € 350,000 to AAMS.

The AAMS and the Italian legislation regulating even the purely technical details of the work of casino-online, for example, the index payout: in Italy can get a license-only online casino that has a payout ratio of not less than 90% (in other words, the casino pays out to players in the form of winning at least 90% on the total amount of money spent on bets by its clientiот). The only exception is offline tournaments of card games, against which the payout ratio should not be lower than ’80%.



Despite the ever increasing popularity of online casinos that now number in the hundreds and not dozens, many fans still prefer gambling and traditional gambling houses do not trust the Internet casino. Perhaps such a distrust may be justified, but only up to a certain degree, actually playing at online casinos is no less secure than a normal casino, as the best online casinos use special algorithms for controlling honesty.


Security of the game at the casinoWhat exactly does the term “online casino check honesty”? The most popular online casinos today use a special technique that allows any player to control personally the gambling house is honest and that the results of games of chance are correct.

In practice this means that after a session of the game the player has the possibility to check the results of the random number generator (which is based on the outcome of gambling in online casinos, whether it’s blackjack, roulette and any other game). At the end of the game session, the online casino player transmits all data in encrypted form generated for each deck of cards, distribution of card blackjack or poker, spin the roulette, and so on. In this way, the player is given the opportunity to verify the correctness of the data and compare them with the results of the games played.

Why verifying the honesty of online casinos is so important? If an online casino using this algorithm, it can not in any way affect the outcome of games (for example if you are playing roulette and you bet on red, the result of the tour will be generated randomly, the casino can not do anything to let out the black). In this way you can be 100% sure that the online casino does not affect in any way on the results and your chance to win.

To encrypt the data, the modern online casinos use the appropriate MD5 algorithm. The principle of operation of the algorithm is the use of a keyword (so-called hash function) that is used to decrypt the data sent to the player. This digital signature is very safe, without knowing it is impossible to decrypt the received data and you can not guess or retrieve the keyword as it is a sequence of 16 bytes to retrieve it and it would take hundreds of years, even on a very powerful computer.

In addition to testing the honesty, encryption with the MD5 algorithm and other forms of “espionage”, there are methods ups much easier to understand in a particular online casino you can easily do high stakes (or, conversely, make sure that it is not definitely a place to play for real money).

First, before depositing money into your account with an online casino, try to gather as much information about the casino. Please carefully read the reviews and comments of the other players, study the rules well (in some online casinos apply various commissions on the transactions made by the player and the ultimate prize at the end would be very low). Try to choose online casinos large and well-known in the market for a long time. You can base your rankings on online casinos, usually contain all the information needed to understand whether it is reliable enough to play for real money.


Playing at the casino of any kind can be very addictive but at the same time quite complicated for beginners, as all the players they are going to win at the end of the game. To win regularly at the casino and have a real gain from the game, various strategies have been created (for details see “Strategies of play at the casino”). But there are a number of tips and general information that must be respected regardless of the game you have chosen.

Study the rules of the game. Before you start playing at online casinos for real money, carefully studied all the existing rules and strategies related to the game you have chosen. There are many books dedicated to winning strategies, for example, there are dozens of books on the game of poker and professionals learn them almost by heart. If you are a beginner and you’re just starting to play at online casinos, your task will not be so difficult, at least learn the basic rules of the game, look for information on the possibility of winning and the “traps” and the difficulties that are present in every gambling.

Tips and recommendationsWork out before the free games at online casinos. Many rooms allow you to play Internet games for free practice in playing tokens or virtual coins and not real money. For example, the most famous poker room PokerStars type suggest beginners to play first with virtual opponents and virtual tokens. You can play for free at online casinos with no time limit, to increase their knowledge, improve skills and try to apply complicated strategies to win.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the rules of the game. This advice is especially true for traditional casinos and those that provide live dealers. If there is a chance to ask questions about the rules that are not perfectly clear, always do so, it would be really unreasonable risk losing money on a game of chance where you do not understand the rules well. And if the dealer you have been helpful, you can always thank him by offering him a tip.

Start with small bets. If you are a novice player, you do not risk large sums to online casinos. Although before you start playing for real money at internet casinos, you’ve played for a long time to free games, minimum bets you make at the beginning. This way you can better understand what is actually playing the game for real money and how good you are playing. This valuable information will cost a few Euros and it is certainly less serious than losing hundreds.

Casino for BeginnersStudy the bonuses offered by the casino. All casinos and online ones are not an exception, provide a number of different bonuses. Before you start playing at online casinos for real money, be informed that bonus offers. The bonus for beginners most widely in online casinos is what is offered to the first account deposit (the amount you deposit for the first time on your account you add a certain amount or a percentage).


Any casino player always dreams of winning, regardless of whether they prefer the simple poker or slot machines. For each gambling are designed dozens of different strategies that earn the player a certain advantage. However, there are some common rules which you should always follow in order to remain always useful, regardless of the game вcasinò that you have chosen.

1.Try to choose the gambling games that offer the maximum payout to the player. In the world of gambling there is no such concept as the casino advantage – it is the profit that each local game gets on every bet made by players. As for some games, the casino advantage is greater at first (and, consequently, the odds against the player to win a major prize are below) – for example, roulette, keno and slot machines. From this point of view, in favor of the player are more advantageous than the dice and blackjack, in which the odds of winning are pretty high.

2. Strategy game at online casinosStudy the rules of betting. Each has its own gambling betting system: in a given game, the player can have all three to four types of bets, in others their number exceeds several tens. It ‘important to understand not just what exactly variants of bets laid in a given game, but also what is the advantage that these episodes involve the player. A baccarat, for example, the bet on the outcome of equal ensures a huge advantage to the casino, while against the player, on the contrary, is extremely disadvantageous. In any gambling there are many such “submerged rocks,” so in order to play at the casino and remain useful it is essential to understand what the stakes are beneficial and which are detrimental.

3. Learn to control your expenses. Once, a few decades ago, the major casinos have made its appearance the first slot machine, the cost of the fans of gambling have increased by hundreds of times, simply because the slots are enormously attractive and money , one episode after another, is spent with ease and without notice. So do not emulated reckless players who risk all their money and learn to control spending in the game – all your betting needs to be well thought out: only in this case you will be able to remain in surplus.

4. Be prepared to lose. While studying in depth all the rules and By following a strategy ideal, you can still lose – in the world of gambling, like anywhere else, the outcome is determined by His Majesty the case (and the presence of this phenomenon which the casino advantage). So after losing once you do not lose self-control – losing bets accepted as a duty to the satisfaction of the risk.


5. Choose carefully the strategy of the game. For each of the hundreds of gambling was conceived a still greater quantity of strategies, most of which is absolutely useless, although players are promised stratospheric profits and the guaranteed win. According to one of the main rules of gambling, game strategy that you have chosen should always be mathematically proven and established, while all other strategies will only get you only losses even more.
6. Do not exceed your limit. The strategy of maintaining its payout, present in any game of chance, requires the player to set their own limit, that is, the amount you can afford to lose in gambling. Stick to your limit and never exceed it for any reason, no matter how great they may seem like your chances of winning.
7. Did not believe the betting systems as they may seem mathematically reliable. In any case, do not spend money to buy a “super profitable betting system that guarantees the win in 99 cases out of 100,” since the number of con artists who sell similar systems that are not worth anything is huge, and all their systems are completely useless. Remember, once and for all who beat the casino due to some system of betting is impossible.

8. Never make bets insurance. Any insurance bet, whether the insurance bet on the winner of the dealer at blackjack or craps betting additional insurance, they are always extremely unfavorable to the player. In respect of those bets, the casino advantage is several times higher than other bets on the same game of chance, so making sure all the time, in the end come out from the very first game after losing your entire budget.


One of the important features of online casinos very attractive for fans of gambling and for beginners, it is a chance to play for free. If you are not sure of your abilities and you are not ready to risk real money, you can always work out first with the free versions of the games. Most online casinos offer all players a kind of “test drive”, or the ability to play a game for free before you start playing for real money. These “test” free have become a good tradition in many large casino and online poker room (for example, the famous poker room PokerStars allows beginners to play first against virtual opponents).

Another feature of online casino players are very attractive for numerous bonuses that Internet gambling rooms offer to their customers. There are several types of bonuses, the most frequent is to offer a certain sum in tribute when the player makes their first deposit into their account. In addition, there are various bonuses for games, for example, tens and hundreds of slot machine bonus with a winning percentage higher than the normal cars.


The first online casinos have appeared relatively recently, in the mid 90s. The famous gaming portal 888 opened in 1997 is considered the founder of the fashion for online casinos. This portal is to date one of the most popular in the world, with a daily income of up to several million Euros incomparable to the modest initial collections of a few thousand Euros per day. Each day, hundreds of thousands of fans of gambling visit numerous casinos available online. Why online casinos are so attractive to the players and what are their characteristics?

First play at an online casino is very convenient, and it is one of the main reasons for the ever increasing popularity of virtual gambling halls, it can win large sums without leaving home. You can play online casino with a computer of reduced performance and an Internet connection with low speed, just pay a deposit on your account (in some online casinos you can even play for free).

For the second thing, online casinos provide its customers with a wide variety of games to choose from. In a traditional casino the number of gaming machines, poker tables and roulette, etc., are limited by the space available, while in the online casinos you can find dozens and even hundreds of different gambling games. There are dozens of types of slot machines, including the classic, multi-line or progressive. In addition, any online casino you can play classic games like poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other games available in the casinos.