Europa Casino roulette experience

Europa Casino has focused since the founding of the European market and it shows of course the name. But alone is responsible for ensuring that the Europa Casino could develop in a very short time so. After the offer, the Software and the Service are simply consistent and therefore the Europa Casino is an excellent choice to roulette online play.
The following test is to take a closer look at Europa Casino and show how good it really is there to play roulette . We have this online casino but not included in our leaderboard if we did not know that it is a good casino. As far as we can anticipate before.
Europa Casino Software
The software at Europa Casino we provided by Playtech. For Playtech is a very famous and large online casino software company that could be a household name among other poker players, because the network iPoker also comes from Playtech. Anyway, the Playtech software is one especially for slot machines at the best, but also the roulette tables are of high quality and mainly provide a quick and simple game play. Exactly what you want as roulette players actually.
Here you can have a first impression of the Europa Casino make roulette software:

Casino Download
The Europa Casino is to play on both a simple download, as well as a flash version. This gives you as a player are spoiled for choice: either I would like to make a direct download, install the software and start playing immediately if I want, or I prefer the Europa Casino Flash version that also without downloading works.
In this case I have to do is select the flash casino and a little wait until it has loaded. After a play is possible without having to download without further restrictions as compared to version download. There is therefore no reason not to use the flash version if you prefer to play without downloading.
Europa Casino no deposit bonus
At the beginning we mentioned that the Europa Casino is above all become so well known because of the good actions. This of course includes a deposit bonus or the bonus offer in general. is very pleased that our readers a special bonus will be credited with no deposit in the amount of 25 Euro after registration. You have to just sign up through this link and get the bonus to your account paid – perfect for Roulette at Europa Casino a try.
As a bonus on your very first deposit you can get a up to 500 Euros. This, however at least 1000 euros must be paid. If you deposit € 1000, you play accordance with 1500 Euros, so not a bad increase or? This bonus, however, is intended only for high rollers and just as it is also called.
As a bonus on the first deposit of the month (!) Up to 100 € offered currently 100%. The ideal deposit amount is 100 euros, because then you’re playing exactly 200 euros with which you can begin at any rate something.
The bonuses at Europa Casino must be implemented only 20 times before they are payable.
That sounds so far, so good, the problem is that all variants are completely excluded from roulette to unlock the bonus. So even if you risk 100 000 Euros at the roulette table, you can use it to pay out a penny in bonus money. That is why we recommend our 25 euro no deposit bonus to avail and still make a deposit (because, let’s face it, with 25 Euro will not get you far). So you can play for example, a deposit of 100 € with 125 € after all, what is ever not bad.
Deposit and withdrawal
Europa Casino offers various payment options, all of which are very widespread. So it should be for an excellent online casino. It’s also nice that there is a 10% bonus for certain methods of payment such as Moneybookers. The offer really only very few online casinos.
With these methods you can make a deposit at Europa Casino: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard), Click2Pay, Eco, Moneybookers, Neteller, Paysafecard , bank transfer, ukash, Entropay, ClickandBuy and bank transfer.
What is the experience with Europa Casino?
If we’re talking about a deposit, we are also equal to the actual topic, playing with real money. For many respects, it is important to be careful where you will transfer the money. Here also, the Europa Casino is no exception and it is therefore very important to find out what experiences others have had with this casino players who already have some paid and played with real money.
Of course, the experience go here slightly apart. It is not possible that you do it as a casino everything right and 100% of the players will satisfy. Also in the Europa Casino that is not the case and therefore it must be noted that the experiences are different. What is important, however, is the tendency of the experience and the Europa Casino is definitely in the positive direction. This means that the majority of players have had good experiences with the Europa Casino.

Party Casino roulette experience

Party Casino is without doubt one of the largest online casinos in the world and belongs to the large group Bwin.Party, which can be described as the largest gambling companies in Europe. Also for the roulette player, Party Casino is highly recommended and there is something for every taste: European, American Roulette and the particular variant of “Lucky Star”. Party Casino is certainly one of the best online roulette casinos.
Party Casino Software
The Party Casino software is among the best in the world and is unique in the world. There are not really any games where the Party Casino does not have good character and so also see the roulette tables more than appealing and give an extremely realistic playing feel even though it still remains clear. That can not all roulette tables in the world compete on which you can play online. The special at Party Casino Roulette is the focus on what matters most: the boiler. The strongly it highlighted so that you can track the ball with and see where it lands. Here is a small screenshot of a Party Casino roulette table:

The bonus offer at Party Casino is certainly unique and there are a large number of options. So many you need as a player actually rarely but it does not hurt if they have been available. So there are the following bonuses: Cash Bonus, Reload Bonus, Affiliated bonuses, Reusable bonus, desire bonus and of course the welcome bonus, the bonus of the new players would like to hear the most.
Here is a bonus up to 3000 € possible, but PartyCasino recommends a special roulette bonus with the bonus code 500ROULETTE for roulette players. It is a 100% up to 500 € bonus and the bonus you can only roulette tables, live dealer roulette and slot machines free play. It is therefore possible clear the bonus with roulette, but it is the condition that no risk-free bets can be made, so do not be simultaneously set to red and black. These bets do not apply to the wagering requirements of the bonus.
However, the Party Casino Bonus for Roulette players an absolute highlight, which you should not miss. here to pick you click this one-time bonus!
Party Casino Roulette Download
The Party Casino you can with both a download version and play with a flash version. Both variants have their pros and cons and it all depends on what you want. For many players, the version is more comfortable and better because you have to install anything without downloading. However, one must always first go to the website and click through – in the download version you only need to click on the desktop icon and you can get started.
In terms of features there are between the download and the flash version actually no difference, at least not for roulette players. For slot players, for example, it may be that there is less version slot machines in Flash. But since we take care of only roulette, we do not see a disadvantage compared to the download version.
Deposit and withdrawal
As one of the largest gaming companies in the world that Party Casino has to offer also in accordance with deposit and withdrawal methods. For German players, the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard , PayPal, bank transfer, Entropay, Paysafecard, ukash, Neteller, Moneybookers, and bank transfer.
Experience with Party Casino
At Party Casino is a global player, which must be very eager to maintain a good reputation. Just as a corporation which is of great importance. Imagine it came out that the casino player dribbles to their bonus. That would not make a good impact on the share price of the company and it can be destroyed millions in no time! In a society that is not listed on the stock exchange, that is not true and this is why you will always find in the PartyCasino someone who helps you to solve problems.
Such are the experiences of most players. There is no doubt that there are bad experiences with Party Casino, which are in fact everywhere and with any casino – without exception. So you have to look like the bad experiences always pay close attention. In many cases, there are players who believe they are entitled to a bonus, they just do not have according to the conditions. This should now be a reproach to these players, but it is unfortunately always the case. These players understand sometimes not even that they are just wrong. So there are always cases where players in the PartyCasino want to pay a bonus, but have not yet met the conditions. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon and these players run amok then literally in forums and throw the casino fraud. It has to be so very differentiated view and go to the individual experiences on the ground.

It is worked hard

Namely, on our side, . It took a long time to set the course and now we have finally started to work on this exceptional site. We have decided to because it’s time for a new challenge and we find it a pity that there are so few sites that cover in detail the subject of roulette. Hardly there are sites that publish not just a few reviews of online casinos, or “secret roulette strategies give “award, but really offer anything on this interesting topic.
There are already a lot to say and we are all themselves enthusiastic roulette player, it will make us a lot of fun to work on this site and to provide our readers what they want: namely, a complete page that offers everything what it takes to topic is to say online roulette.
We still working with this old style. One would us please do not take offense, but we want only the new design change if we are convinced even 100% of them. That is behind the scenes working hard to provide a new and exceptional design to offer that you will find a second time.
This is very important to us, or rather our readers a good look very important. Therefore, they will forgive us, that we started with this simple and not at all attractive design. Do not worry, in the next few weeks, the big change will take place and then the result will be all the better.
Otherwise, we are also working hard on the content of the page. Here has already done a great deal in the last few weeks and it also makes a lot of fun new content on this topic to write about. It is not always easy, especially because you have to also pay attention to what the reader really wants to, but I think that so far we have done a good job and in the future can take on a much more interesting article. In this sense, we hope you visit us again soon. Your team.

888 Casino roulette experience

At 888 it is one of the few giants of the gambling world – a group that focuses mainly on the European market and for decades the world’s leading casinos, poker rooms and sports betting sites operates. Also, the 888 Casino has long been established and is operated by 888 next to the probably largest online casino, Casino-on-Net. 888 In the long term would like to concentrate on the brand with the three-eights.
In terms of the 888 Casino Roulette is without doubt one of the best online casinos that you could wish for. The specially developed software, the needs satisfied and it makes a lot of fun at the roulette tables in the casino to play 888.
888 Casino Software

At the roulette tables of 888, the real heart, the wheel is at the center. The arrangement of the table may seem unfamiliar to many, since most online roulette tables are vertically aligned. However, the tables at 888 use the full width of the screen and thus it is for new players initially unfamiliar, but you find yourself really quickly master and this arrangement still appreciate. The best way to make yourself out for yourself a picture of a 888 Casino Roulette table :

888 Roulette Bonus

As a 888 player has of course access to a number of great promotions such as a welcome bonus, which makes the first deposit at 888 Casino definitely tastier. The amount of the bonus is 100% up to 140 euros which is certainly not the highest possible bonus in the industry, but which of course is much more important for roulette players, the bonus conditions.

They look at the 888 Casino Bonus ago, unfortunately, that only 20% of the wagering requirements can be implemented by all roulette variants. Here, then, no distinction between American and European roulette is made. So this means for you: if you want to unlock 888 bonus, you can provide the rest you need but put on slots, although 20% of sales at a roulette table. At least 50% you can freely play in live casino where indeed known to also live roulette is offered. That means you can come to 70% overall – what looks ever much better.

Also known as roulette players preferred to a quick game. You do not want to wait forever until we go and would prefer to start the same if one has entered the side of the casino. That is possible by you play roulette no download, which is of course also available from the 888 Casino. The 888 Casino is already more or less the leader in terms of the software development and is not only at the poker software far above in terms of innovation. Therefore it is not surprising that one in 888 can play a Flash version of Roulette in the browser without downloading.
Course, you can also play with download the 888 Casino. This has the advantage that the software you need to install only once and you can get started with two small mouse-clicks. In the no-download version takes the whole bit longer. So no matter what you prefer and what you’re made ​​of, the 888casino has it all: A version with a download and flash version – both have their pros and cons, but it’s good to be spoiled for choice.
Deposit and withdrawal
As the world’s leading online casino has 888 naturally also ensure that the players can make a deposit without problems alone to use as early as the great deposit bonus. But the payoff is very important, especially once you’ve dusted off a really big win. But more on that later.
A deposit can be done in 888 with the following methods:
Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), ClickandBuy, EntroPay, Neteller, Paypal (but not in Germany), Bank Transfer, Instant Wire Transfer, Paysafecard and Moneybookers.
A payout is possible with the following methods:
Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), ClickandBuy, Neteller, Paypal and Moneybookers.

Experience with 888 Casino

While it is at 888 to one of the largest online casinos at all, but that alone is not a quality judgment and it is important to pay attention to the experiences that other players have made with 888. But what this provider is different from other casino the fact that this online casino is part of a huge corporation, which operates not just an online casino but several casinos and one of the largest poker sites. THAT is a quality judgment!
Experience with the 888 Casino are also quite positive, and if you talk with players or search the Internet, you will find very few who have had bad experiences with this casino. As in most cases, these bad experiences related to promotions. Because at promotions, there is always rules and small print, which unfortunately do not read all players. Thus, they ignore the rules of the casino and risking to go empty. Famous examples are the bonus conditions that are not entirely met.

William Hill Casino roulette experience

At William Hill is another big player in the casino world. The origins, however, lie not in the casino or poker area, but at the sportsbook. There, William Hill is in fact active since the beginning of the last century and mixes there with the top. But even with the William Hill Casino is mitgemischt up and every day there are more active players who are playing in the William Hill Casino. Also roulette players will get their costs and are from this supplier will not be disappointed certainly. The great software, good support and excellent promotions make the William Hill Casino one of the best places to play online roulette.
William Hill Roulette Software
As software Playtech is used. It is one of the leading casino software provider and is not only in the range of slots or blackjack, but also at Roulette. For the roulette tables by Playtech are a prime example of online roulette – that is, just as one imagines the whole thing.

The wheel of the roulette tables is not as centrally located as for example, when 888 casino , but it is located above a small window where you can track the ball in the field where it lands.
This is not the case everywhere and that’s why you have to say a definite plus. However, what is also noteworthy is the fact that you have taken the trouble to translate the roulette table. So you can, for example, French Roulette play while all the fields on German has. The best way to make yourself even a picture:

It is not easy to find a good roulette bonus, since most online casinos allow only a fraction of the turnover with roulette. This means that although you can get a bonus, but it is difficult even paid to get it – at least if you only play roulette. Also at the William Hill Casino there is a condition that only 25% of all roulette variants (wild Vikings also) can be implemented. This means that you at one just 25 Euros by Roulette 100 EUR bonus can freely play. The bonus is ideal but if you also happen to be playing on slot machines because these games 100% of the turnover can be provided.
Apart from the sales conditions of the William Hill Bonus is really good. What does bonus, there are several bonuses and reload bonuses not only, but also monthly, so that you can use regularly. The first deposit bonus is 150% up to 300 euros, which he fails even higher if you want to make a larger deposit. Thus, there are the high roller bonus of at least 500 euro brings a bonus when depositing of 1000 euros. The monthly bonus is 20% up to 300 euros. 20% does not sound like much, but when you consider that you can use every (!) Month this bonus, that’s extremely good. Overall, the William Hill Casino is in terms of bonuses and promotions to all cases top and highly recommended.
With download or no download
As one of the world’s leading online casinos William Hill must of course also offer a casino without downloading. That is, there are not only the classic download version, you must install, but also a Flash version that you can play in the browser conveniently and without download. This has the great advantage that you purely have to install anything on their PC and if you want to briefly in between playing a game at work (of course only in the break!), Then that’s at William Hill comfortably in the browser without downloading possible.
Deposit and withdrawal
William Hill has his players, of course, also offer plenty of opportunities to make a deposit. Of course, the bank more important. Imagine you’re driving a win big and have a payout problems to make. This is of course nothing you can use and therefore you should inform in advance how it looks with the payouts.
For a deposit William Hill offers any case the following options: Visa, MasterCard, paysafecard, bank transfer, ClickandBuy, Paypal (unfortunately not for German player), Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, ukash and bank transfer.
A payout is possible with the following methods: Credit cards (Visa only and not for MasterCard), Click2Pay, Neteller, Paypal (unfortunately not for German player), Moneybookers, ClickandBuy, bank check and local transfer.
William Hill experience
Although the William Hill Casino is without doubt one of the best casinos in the world, but still you should take the trouble to look before following the experience of other players. Nothing is worse than a casino to catch which is known, that player has already had a bad experience and you have to later go through exactly the same. This is really bitter, but at the William Hill Casino is not the case. Because at William Hill is a very large and reputable supplier so far without any scandal is coming out. This means that no cases are known that about no jackpot was paid or the like.
You will be the same as most other players make William Hill Casino also only had positive experiences and certainly as roulette players have your joy. Because roulette is one of the strengths of this online casinos and which you can ultimately only benefit.

Online Roulette soon perfectly legal in Germany

Finally there is a chance that online roulette play soon will be absolutely legal. Because the state government of Schleswig Holstein decided to go it alone and against the current gambling monopoly. This is great news for all casino players who are not yet allowed to play sensibly online.
There was lengthy negotiations over the new State Treaty on Gambling and the remaining 15 states have already been agreed. And on the continued existence of the state monopoly with a few providers may purchase a license. Thus, it is possible online gambling in Germany to offer, but this is connected with insane taxes that can not pay bookmakers or online casino. There are namely 16.6% of sales to be dissipated.
If you look at the roulette probabilities knows, one knows that there is no casino in the world can earn as much at all. However, Schleswig-Holstein seems to be the only state that has also recognized this and has now adopted its own law. Thus, it is possible that providers from the EU can purchase a license (which is not set to a certain number), and then offer completely legal online gambling. Here there is a taxation on profits, which is indeed useful. So if the casino for example, earns 2% of the stake, all costs for employees, licenses, software, etc. 20% taxes must be paid after deductions. Thus, the actual control is certainly in x 0.0% range and that is bearable for each online casino.
That would be a very important step towards legal online gambling in Germany. The State Treaty on gaming of the other states has condemned already inadmissible in the European Court. It is not compatible with European law and is therefore likely to actually come into effect. Unfortunately, the EU is not very reliable in these cases, because if they were, the current gambling monopoly that currently exists in Germany and Austria would have been dumped long ago.

Nearly 30 applications for a gaming license in Schleswig-Holstein

As we here have mentioned, the state of Schleswig-Holstein willing to regulate the gambling market and distribute licenses to companies from the EU. With this license may be completely legal sports betting, poker and casino games are offered in this state and that would give a huge boost toward legalized online gambling without a doubt. Especially because the other states probably have to go with. At least at some point in the future.
For Schleswig-Holstein calculated by the licenses of 60 million euros in revenue annually. In our opinion, it should be even much more. This will naturally move from their adherence to the existing monopoly departing and introduce a similar model many other states. Especially because the scale adopted by the State Treaty them he was rejected by the ECJ as contrary to EU law.
As this week it was announced 28 companies have applied for a license in Schleswig-Holstein and could already from March 2012 legal casino games and including of course offer roulette.
The dream of many German player moves so fast approaching, but the projects of Schleswig-Holstein, which was adopted by the CDU and the FDP is not always well received.
Of course, the opposition, led also expressed the SPD against the law and has been disparagingly about the application of the 30 licensees. The CDU was pleased, however, and sees it as a clear signal that these providers absolutely want to have a regulated and free market in Germany and no longer want to operate in semi-legal field. They also accept the 20% tax on the gross profit, which is obtained in this License. This is also to get over for each casino and it will be worth it for everyone involved. Because experts have at least no more doubt.

What is the future of online roulette

Many players are wondering how always manage to look for the future of online roulette. And many simply find no satisfying answer. Because if you look around so you can currently only “more or less legal” play, but not completely legal. It is so that the providers that are currently on the market are all working abroad and still offer gambling for German. This is not undisputed since under German law is not allowed because of the gambling monopoly, according to European law should be allowed, yet the question remains whether you do not play because of the internet abroad and therefore German law can not grab it. Because the servers of the online casinos are all abroad, where online gambling is completely legal.
But that’s nothing new. However, what is new are the developments in the industry who definitely speak for a better environment at online roulette. So we have the projects of Schleswig-Holstein reported.
This state has decided to go it alone and want online gambling officially allow a purchased license. So far, nearly 30 applications have already been received for a license. How and whether the other states to follow suit is not yet clear.
But the fact is that it is for the country and that’s why so going it alone was possible. And if Schleswig Holstein can pull through this alone, it is actually only a matter of time until all other states follow suit. Otherwise they lose millions in revenue that come to good only Schleswig-Holstein.
What also hope the online player, of course, is the EU. For the condemned several times a gambling monopoly as it prevails in Germany unlawful. It is also obvious, because the European internal market is to ensure a free flow of goods and services. But this is not the case with gambling monopoly, because as French company I can not online casino operated in the German player may play perfectly legal. That should be possible under EU law, however.
In any case, German Roulette players can rest easy: it can really only get better. Because today everyone is inclined looked if he had something on the internet play roulette want. This image will be a lasting change when finally legal online gambling can be offered in Germany and the seller may also make advertising for their online casino. The same has long been observed in Austria where, although there are also a monopoly, but still a decent online casino.

Casino Club Roulette Actions in November

We have taken the trouble the promotions of the last two weeks of November in the Casino Club to summarize.
The Casino Club is our number one roulette casino and partly because of the great promotions such as the calendar, which brings new excitement every day.
Raffle of 10 × 200 Euros – All Casino Club players take part in the draw and have the chance to win 200 € to play. As a little “treats” can win an exclusive live cooking with star chef Johann Lafer five main winners. The only requirement is the deposit of 30 euros.
100% Reload Bonus – All players who may have already made ​​their deposit at the Casino Club benefit from a 100% Reload Bonus up to 50 Euro to tap. This bonus can even be unlocked at the roulette tables!
Tickets for the Race of Champions – On December 3 and 4, it is so far and the best drivers in the world compete in the Race of Champions against each other. The spectacle increases in Dusseldorf and up to 20.11. do you have the chance to participate. Just 30 euro deposit using the bonus code ROC and already you will participate. Besides, you can then use a 30% up to 120 € Bonus!
Loyalty points at Casino Club – The Casino Club can earn loyalty points that can be worth money. So playing is equal to a lot more fun. Per bet of 10 euros there is a loyalty point. 100 reward points get for 1 euro of credits. 26.11. – Last chance for the cash raffle. If you still have not paid 30 euro in November to participate in the cash draw taking part in you can win 200 Euros 10 ×, then you should hurry up though. Because at 26.11. there is the last chance to participate and also to win a VIP package for a live cooking with Johann Lafer.

Vegas Star – a new slot machine. I know Roulette players are slot machines really mind, but those who seek some variety, this is, for example, with the new slot machine from the Casino Club: Vegas Star.
If you missed the November Promotions can be active again in December. For in the last month of the Casino Club will be active and provide more promotions. On we keep you up to date.